Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rainy Thursday!

There's nothing more I love than thunderstorms and rainy days! I'd trade a bright sunny day anytime for a snuggly bed and a roaring thunderstorm with a few candles around...But today my thunderstorm experience consists of about 20 3 yr olds and Play-Doh...accented with un forgiving flourescent lighting..but they are my little darlings and I can't imagine not having them as part of my day.
Only two more days and my oldest is heading to Pensacola Fl for cheerleading camp. You would think after 2 years of this I would be emotionally prepared but this time I am coming up a little short. Granted, we have our moments...but it's these moments that I think we are at our closest. The little two are still camping with Gma & Gpa...everytime the chance of them going anywhere with the grandparents the girls are gone....Claire has learned to crochet this trip and Caroline is learning how to use a crab pot...those are great skills to add to their resume..however the time with my parents is invaluable and that is most important.

Happy Thursday to all!

Hang in there---Friday is just around the corner!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Saying Goodbye To A Friend

Hello all...just wanted to update you guys. The world lost an awesome friend, mother, Christian and just all around wonderful person. Goodbye Dawn...may you rest peacefully in your Holy Father's arms. I promise to keep an eye on your children for you while you're gone...see you again soon friend...


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Most Recent Pics of Natalie...

Well yesterday was horriblefor me. Found out about a high school friend who is also a parent at WCA where the girls go to school, was involved in a terrible car accident Friday night and is clinging to life as we speak. One of her daughters is my Caroline's age and is such a sweet soul. By working at the school, I see her all the time as well as her kiddos. To know what her family is facing and moreso her children has just really hit home. I just know that either way God has control of this whole situation and making peace with that is coming, slowly but surely. But at the same time for me it has completely reiterated the fact that life is so precious. Of course we have our daily struggles with the unimportant things that at the time seem so unbearable. We get frustrated because things are not happening when we want them to. But it's not in our time to decide but God's time. And if anyone understands that now more than ever, I do. Especially going through this adoption with Natalie. It's just amazing to stand back and see how things handle themselves and to know that He in all His glory know what we as his flock can endure. Ashton, Claire & Caroline please know that you are Mommy & Daddy's reasons for existence. You are truly blessings from our Heavenly Father. We are nothing without you....

On to a brighter note, our friends are officially parents to their 2nd Chinese daughter as of Tuesday morning China time. L & L are adopting Natalie's best friend Bridget. It seems our two girls have been in foster care together for quite sometime now. L is trying to get a package to Natalie from us to let her know that we are on our way! Not even sure at this point if she knows she's being adopted. I know it's hard to tell exactly when the officials tell the children. I get that---I honestly do. But I also understand how difficult it may be to see your best friend leave and you get left behind. So for her sake, I hope they have said something. Bridget is headed to Evansville Indiana, which is only about 3.5-4 hrs from Dayton where Todd's family is. So keeping them together once they get home is going to be our goal.

Tomorrow is the big day!!! Our agency's rep in China should be heading over to the US Consulate office in Guangzhou to pick up all of our US documents and have them hand-delivered to the CCAA office in Beijing. This is the final destination for our file until we get travel approval, which hopefully will come early August. Hoping to travel late August-early Sept.

So...gonna go do some work..girls are camping with Gma & Gpa at Ft. Fisher and Mommy & Daddy are busy hanging shelving and transferring wardrobes of the little gals!

Hope all is well...