Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 1 - Beijing

Hello from Beijing:

Well, it's 2 am here and I was hoping to be a little more acclimated at this point but I'm sure a few days will be better. Yesterday was crazy! Ashton and I started out around 0530 got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. So excited to see French toast & bacon! Yummy! Had a nice, satisfying breakfast and then headed outside to check things out.


Hotel restaurant



Our hotel

Not too much going on in Beijing at 0630. But let me tell doesn't stay like that long. By 1000 the streets were packed, horns blowing in his strategically orchestrated dance of city traffic. Not an angry or stressed out face was to be seen. Amazing! Already China has taught me that there are some things in life you have to accept and realize it is what it is!

Our guide picked us up around 9 in the lobby. We were heading over to the Great Wall. On our way we stopped off at a local jade factory. Not only was it a museum, there were sculptors displaying their works and a huge store ready to be immersed with those American dollars. I am not a huge jade fan. Some people can pull it off...not me. I'm the same way with turquoise, really weird. So instead of spending money on something that I knew I would never wear, I decided to pick up a few small things for the girls. I'm sure before I leave there will be something I just can't live without.



Traditional way of putting on a jade bracelet


Those girls again


Lined up outside the Jade Factory

At the Great Wall the heat and aridness of the mountains really kicked in. Why had I never figured out that these steps were so steep? I'm talking nosebleed section here! Thank goodness I wasn't the only one struggling. Whew! I think my legs were still shaking when I went to bed last night. It was really random. Being the nerdy tourist that I am, Ash & I get our pics taken in the traditional Chinese garb. While standing there looking as out of place as we did, these random people just kept showing up in the middle of our photo shoot to stand beside us for family pics. It was almost flattering however the expression on my beet red face does not convey that at all.


Great Wall


“Great Crowd” on the Great Wall


Our guide, Water


Getting ready



Still getting ready


The “Great Stairs” of China



New friends


Did I mention it was 400 degreesF!


The rest of the afternoon went well. Headed downtown to the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. Still smoldering from the Great Wall the walking around brought a hugely deserved breeze. Again while walking around this young Chinese teenager asked for our photo with her as well. Not that I mind that at all, it's just weird to know or not know rather where these pics are gonna end up.




Forbidden City






Chairman Mao on Gate No.1


Tiananmen Square

Off to acrobatic show. Boy, this day has really took it's toll on me and Ashton. Hoping to get some sleep.We fly to Guangzhou in the morning and still in denial that on Monday, less than 48 hrs, we get to meet our little princess...Cannot wait!

See ya soon!

Teresa & Ashton


  1. It was very exciting reading about your tourist day in China!!! How exciting and what an experience. I will be praying for ya'll as you meet Natalie today, and I am so excited for you. I pray that all will go well and she will be accepting and ready to come join her family! Love ya'll and be safe! Keep us up to date over the next week as you go thru this wonderful journey you have been waiting so long for!