Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 7, 2010

Good Morning!  Finally! All of the nerve wrecking paperwork at the Civil Affairs Office is complete as of yesterday. Our little Nat has definitely come out of her shell so much! We went swimming at the pool yesterday for the first time and went out for hot wings last night! Let me tell you, that girl can put a serious hurtin' on some wings!  She decided that she wanted some sunglasses like Ashton's. So we got her some LV's (I'm sure they are genuine) :) and she is a self-proclaimed movie start. Hilarious! As you can see in the pics she is awesome and is doing well. We have some moments but considering only one day into the process, we are going to be just fine.

Headed to the security office here in Guangzhou today to apply for her passport to come home. She calls Ashton, "sista" and me "Mather"...still working on the mommy thing. For some reason "mother" makes me feel like I should be about 60 years old and in a wooden wheelchair.  :)    All is well...all of our buddies will be here on Sunday. Cannot wait!

See ya then!



  1. So she's a girly girl-I like those! Sounds like everything is going well for all of you. Mother always makes me think of horror films, you know, where people do awful things because Mother told them to, or say things like, Mother wouldn't like that. Hopefully mommy comes soon :-)

  2. Teresa!

    I am crying as I am looking at your pics from the orphanage visit. That is where Caleb was. Ask Natalie if she remembers Guang Yue Chuan. They called him Chuan Chuan (chun chun). That is amazing! Can't wait to meet her. Love you!