Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Night Before Forever

Well, here we are! After 5 days of haggling with ticket agents and trying to adjust agendas, not to mention a little incident that came up with our agency, I can honestly admit I am exhausted!!! Physically, mentally and emotionally. The excitement of this journey still hasn't set in yet. Not sure because the travel came about so quickly that I haven't had time to enjoy it. But I think it was a saving grace of going now rather than later. If I had to wait two more weeks to travel, like we were supposed to then I think I would be a basket case, well more than I am now.

Ashton and I are headed out in the morning. We leave RDU @ 0745 headed to Chicago not much of a layover there. Then headed to Beijing. We arrive there Friday China time at 240 pm. Headed to Tiananmen Square BEFORE we check in to our hotel. By that point, I'm sure I will have shut-down. But in an attempt to get acclimated to our new time zone, I think it's the guide's duty to keep us as awake as possible.

Sunday we leave Beijing and head down to Guangzhou. We get Nat on Monday at 230 pm. Then the fun begins. I pray that she will not have hard feelings towards us because we are taking her away from all she's ever known. But I hope she will understand that a family and sisters and will be good..I just know.

Headed out at 840...forgot to get my passport pics done...ugh! Where has my head been...

Until next time....Beijing!



  1. Yeah! Finally! Can't wait to hear how your trip went AND to see pictures of Natalie and you both together! :) - Beth

  2. Can't wait to follow along! Hope you do better at blogging than we did!