Friday, August 27, 2010

MIA, I Know!

Well, soo much has happened since my last post! We received TA on Wednesday 25th. Originally requested 28th of September for our CA (consulate appointment). However, noticing that the 25th is on a Tuesday, the week after the Autumn Moon Festival in China. The Chinese offices will be closed the whole week before the 28th not allowing enough time to get Natalie's paperwork to take the CA appt that is mandatory. Thinking of how hard it is to already leave for 2 weeks, I asked our agency rep to see if it were possible to get an earlier CA. It will be so much stress on us initially but at least I won't be sitting in Guangzhou a whole week with nothing to do and still risk the possibility of not getting her documents. After sitting on pins and needles all yesterday afternoon and most of the night, I wake up to an email from Kerry stating that we got our appt on 09/14 @ 1030 am. Yippeeeee! I know it's gonna be tough but I also know that sitting here for another 2 weeks waiting to leave would be tougher. Let's get this show on the road! I will be home on September 17. The bad news is I have to depart/arrive from Raleigh..Ugh...that 2 hr drive home after flying for 30 hrs..not too enticing. I think Todd and I have decided to just stay in Raleigh that Friday night after we arrive home. Just to get some rest and get the girls together asap!

So, FINALLY, it is happening! After sooo many years of waiting! Your prayers and support have been tremendous! Thanks again for everything!


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