Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 1---Post OP

Hello glad this computer doesn't have a live webcam on it or you would think I've been backed over by a dumptruck! Na, not really but maybe that's how I'm feeling! The pain meds and anesthesia officially worn off last night-early morning...around 3 am precisely. After fighting all afternoon with Percocet, I figured I would try to get something more solid on my tummy and take 1/2 of the pain, I am as of 932 am EST, checked out of the hotel and headed to feed my lil ones some decent breakfast. I'm sure yesterday it consisted of nabs & soda....
I also learned that trying to yawn too early after jaw surgery is not the most comfortable move to make. I'm soo ready to get home in my old lumpy bed and rest. Well, praying for rest...
Catch ya'll later!


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