Sunday, August 8, 2010


Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I posted...for a couple reasons. Been fighting this funk that I have been in for a few days now. I dont know if it's because I still do not remotely feel like myself or maybe I'm coming down with something? Not sure...ugh! Hubby thinks I'm nesting...I wish! I wish I knew something more starts in a week and a half. Which means I'm back full-force there as well. There are a couple more items that need to be addressed in C & C's room. Nothing serious, moreso Mommy being the weirdo that I am, has this huge issue with completion. That all would be fine and dandy if we were loaded but I think having to come up with such large amounts of money here lately and just all of the stuff that needed to be done here at home has finally took it's toll on me...Overwhelmed, I think that is the term that describes me to a "T" at this point. Me a planner? Oh my gosh yes! I am in charge of all family vacations and activities from start to finish. I just do things the way I do them...and this whole adoption journey has told me that regardless of how in control I think I am, the Big Guy comes in and shakes things up a little just to get me back baseline. Paitience, Faith, Servitude, Compassion, Obedience these are just a few terms that keep things in perspective for me.

Trying to get some rest...I just want to feel better!!!!!!!

Night all...

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