Monday, August 23, 2010


So off to a new week. I've decided that I wanted to make these little envelopes for Caroline & Claire to open each day we are gone to China. So, after trying to figure out how to come up with something that wouldn't make them sad and something that would let me finish them without bawling my head off again I had quite a successful trip to Party City today. Bracelets, lipgloss, soccer ball erasers and who knows what else is in that bag. I plan on starting tomorrow. Because I STILL don't have a travel date, I'm not sure if I have enough goodies for every day. So, I will just keep waiting and waiting and waiting...and surely it will come sooner or later!

Friday night...I just had this huge tear fest...I mean downright had no specific origin...It just finally sank in that my oldest will be a senior in 4 years....I can't believe it..I mean I still remember the ultrasound to confirm my pregnancy...where does it go? They are all changing so much...Claire has been asking me for a year if she could shave her legs when she turns 12. Poor little thing is a hairy little I caved...yes, against my best wishes I now have 2 daughters that have crossed into the dark side of being a woman...ugh! I want my babies back! I want them all to wear matching St. Paddy's, Halloween, 4th of July, Easter t-shirts & scooter skirts just like they did not so long ago!!!!

It's a harsh reality. Ready or not they will grow up and leave and then come back with more....YIPPPPPEEEE cannot wait!

Keep praying for a TA soon!!!!!

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