Tuesday, August 17, 2010

School Daze!

Well it's only the Tuesday before school starts and I am already exhausted!!! I know that this year is going to be full of surprises, ups/downs and new beginnings for all of us. Yesterday I think I was in this huge state of denial...cannot believe that summer is over and still no news of travel. But the rumor tree is rustling it's leaves....from privileged sources it is believed that our TA should come by this week's end or early next. Allowing for travel either first or second week of September, depending on available Consulate Appts. Then the mayhem will commence. Reservations, flights, scraping that last chunk of money needed to take with us. The scary thing is a huge amount will have to be carried on me while travelling..Am I excited about that...ummm no!!! But I am a very cautious person by nature...so I will make sure I am safe in every regard!

So as soon as I hear something so will you guys! Wish me luck as I embark on a new year of 3, soon to be 4 little girls but with the Lord's blessing we all will be fine!

Talk soon!

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