Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 12, 2010

Good Morning Everyone!

I know I've not been the best blogger since being in China, however the last little "world-turning upside down paperwork catastrophe" has kinda got me a little gun shy in regards to posting. With everyone's prayers and the Lord's blessing not to mention poor Todd's above and beyond call of duty dedication we worked thru it. The package should be arriving here at the White Swan on Monday. The time has flown by! It is already Sunday! We are headed out to the Safari Park today with the kids. Is it wrong that I've already started packing my luggage to come home? :)

Christy J and her crew met us for dinner last night at Lucy's. It is soo nice to hear someone else with a Southern twang in their voice. We introduced Natalie to saying her blessing before meals. With all of the ups and downs we have had this week, I admit adding another facet to our already huge pile of frustration was something I had decided to do once we got home.

We have our days. She is 11 yrs old, however her stature suggests around 8 or 9. She is definitely tiny. However, our guide says it's because she is Cantonese. They are always small structured people. I was wondering about the squatting thing of Chinese people. So, what does every curious American do? They GOOGLE it! And I discovered that the Chinese believe that squatting vs. standing helps alleviate the stress standing places on the spine. Wow! Who would've thought.

So enjoy our pics from our outing last night! The live animals in the tanks are choices for dinner if you are interested! Yes, flounder was normal, however the water beetles, eels and snakes kinda pushed me over the edge. The once thought deep-fried  pigeons that we saw suspended from their necks have later been identified as some sort of duckling. Yummy!

Where is Olive Garden when you need it!

Countdown has begun!

See ya'll soon!



  1. Your images really bring back memories. Whenever people say that we don't have real Chinese food here, I say that yes, we do, we have Beijing Chinese food. But the really weird stuff is in the South, in places like GZ where you can pick your supper from a tank! Makes Lucy's seem like a real haven.

    Glad to hear that the paperwork should be all settled soon.

  2. Not sure what hiccup you had, but I hope all will be well soon and you'll be home safe and sound. Love you!!