Saturday, September 18, 2010

Home At Last!!!!


Just wanted to chime in for a bit..we are Day 1 into our lives with Natalie. Got in to Raleigh last night around 730. Stopped and had some dinner with Grandma/Grandpa & Aunt Kelly! What a nice surprise to turn that corner at the airport and see so many loved ones there waiting! Flight home from Hong Kong was awesome! Not a bump in the whole ride. Our plane was 2 levels, had 16 flight attendants, 4 engines on each side and 12 escape doors! Talk about a monster! Regardless of how large the plane was, we were packed in like sardines and not an empty seat in the whole house! How weird was it that we went from daylight to night and back to sunrise/daylight all in one flight! Such a huge experience for the girls!

It is Saturday night and after a day of trying to convince myself that I could stay awake, I finally collapsed this afternoon at 3 pm and took a 5 hr nap. And the really sad part is I am quite certain that I won't have any issues giving in to a lofty slumber here shortly!

Took Natalie to Sweet n' Sassy for a new hairdo & some new earbobs! First thing she said to the stylist, who need I mention had platinum blonde hair, she says "I like black hair!" How funny, she just new she was gonna be the next Asian Barbie! Bless her heart! So, she is dolled up and ready for her Welcome Home party tomorrow!

Here are a few more pics!

Hope all is well!


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