Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Last Post From China

Good Morning/Evening !

The day has finally come! We are headed downstairs for our final breakfast here at White Swan. Wow! Have we been spoiled! We went to the US Consulate yesterday afternoon for our oath ceremony. Such an emotional packed event. A milestone of one journey coming to an end and the start of a new and more exciting one. We leave Guangzhou today at 4 pm headed to Hong Kong. Taking a train ride which should be about 3.5 hours. Another chance to get to experience all the aspects of China.

I caught Natalie staring out the hotel window yesterday and at that moment I came to realize that she really understands what is going on now. Such a brave little girl. Cannot wait to get her home to meet her family and friends. Please be in prayer with us during this leg of our journey. Not only for our safety, but for the smooth transition of our daughter into her new family.

See you guys soon!!


P.S.  Here are our last photos.  You can view all photos here.

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